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Oleo Dorato

Who is Oleo Dorato

Oleo Dorato is a family company specialized in the production of olive oil. We also offer maintenance, servicing or sales machines for olive oil production.

We are doing the cleaning of olives from leaves.

As for olive harvesting: our olive oil is harvested only manually and within 24 hours we produce the best quality olive oil. In this way the olives become a top extra virgin olive oil.

The production of extra virgin olive oil star in October to the end of November. We recommend everyone to visit us during olive oil production.

  • We organize tasting of olive oil
  • We organize olive harvesting
  • Maintenance of an oil plant
  • Educating how to maintain olive trees (resurfacing, fertilizing)


D_Allesandro_CSIAnother essential service is the sale of combined furnaces for private houses for large businesses, schools, nurseries and oil mills too.

The various fuels used as pellets, shells of nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds ...), chopsticks, wood, wood chips, sawdust, dried corn and all that has been dried.

Our mission is to meet your needs, but at the same time we have put in the first place environmental protection that is getting stronger and stronger with us as a consumer.