Oleo Dorato

A Mediterranean diet for all ages

A Mediterranean diet for all agesIn 1950 Profesor A.Keys started from USA his "Seven Study Countries".

This Study is a comparative study of foods regime on 14 sample subjects from 40 to 59 years of age, in a total of 12.000 case in 7 Countries of 3 Continents ( Finland, Japan, Greece, Italy, Holland and Croatia).

The results collected by the study and in the future other researchers reveal that population of Mediterranean, which eat prevalently food like pasta, fish, fruit and vegetables, use olive oil,  that have a lower mortality rate then Country of Finland and Holland, where the daily diet regime includes many saturated acids ( butter, lard, milk, red meat..).

Today  doctors recommend for a Mediterranean diet that has an excellent daily caloric intake of all nutrients. This is important for prevent the onset of “wellness illnesses” like thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, heart attack, diabetes, hypertension, digestive diseases and obesity.

An excellent daily ratio of the required nutrients is:

  • 60% of carbohydrates ( grain, pasta, bread..)
  • 30% of fat ( olive oil, butter, lard..)
  • 10% of protein ( meat, fish, legumes..)