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Production and processing of oils

Production and processing of Olive Oil, Oleo Dorato, Pula, IstriaProduction and processing of olive oil - process from picking to finished oil in oil mill OLEO DORATO

After harvest, within 24 hours, the olives should be converted into extra virgin olive oil.

The procedure starts from separating the fan, leaves and other harmful substances from the olives that could affect the quality of the olive oil. Then wash the olives up to 3 times with clean water. After washing, switch to the part of the machine, to melt it.

The blend process lasts for about an hour, which is why the oil is gradually being separated from the meat and the bark. Through a couple of tubes of laughter, it goes into a centrifuge that separates meat, oil, water and husk ( or a solid part behind the slicing or smelling of the olives).

The mixture of oil and water coming out of the vertical centrifuge is once again separated into separators specially designed for this purpose. Special Alfa Laval separators are known for their quality.

The husk that we mentioned is very efficient and can be used for heating in residential buildings, or as a fertilizer with additives for all kinds of plants.

All of us as consumers are looking for cleanliness of the environment and we provide you with a non-combustible and efficient fuel source, like husk.

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