Oleo Dorato

What is olive oil ?

The best quality olive oil is obtained when the olives are picked manually, without impact, because if the affected product is immediately oxidized then the oil quality is worse. There are 800,000 trees in the world and 600 different varieties, of which 300 varieties in Italy.

Olive oil, Oleo Dorato, Pula, IstriaTo get one liter of olive oil it takes 10 to 15 kg of olives. Maximum one tree can give up to 300 kg of olives that turned into oil at the beginning of the season can give as much as 30 kg of oil. (1 kg of oil = 1 liter and 1 dcl of oil).

The word "Extra Virgin" means that there are no chemical additives in the oil and that the acid in the oil does not exceed 1%.

The color of the mulberry oil is dark green in the beginning of the season (more precisely at the beginning of the tenth moon), which means that oil is rich in chlorophyll.
As the season goes by the end and the olives grow bright, so the olive oil changes the color in yellow.

The color also depends on the varieties of olive as well as the taste. Different tastes and colors do not decide the quality of the oil.

Olive oil and its ingredients:

  • 14% saturated fatty acids
  • 81% unsaturated fatty acids
  • 900kcal per 100gr
Butter and its ingredients:
  • 53% saturated fatty acids
  • 20% unsaturated fatty acids
The quality of olive oil depends on the quality of olives!